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ShatanaBentley-AC410-Auditing-Unit10-Reflection -...

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Reflection Shatana Bentley November 27, 2011 AC410: Auditing Professor Paul Cowley Reflection The key concepts that have impacted me the most and have made me feel that I am a stronger candidate in the field of Auditing are managing the audit risk and understanding the audit risk model. Both of these things have to do with doing a successful audit. By knowing exactly what each one is and how they are used is very important when working in the field of Auditing.
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“The auditor is expected to design and conduct an audit that provides reasonable assurance that material misstatements will be detected”(Rittenberg, Johnstone, & Gramling, 2010, p. 130). Auditing provides a company an opportunity to communicate regularly with the value-adding operators and solicit additional process improvement opportunities from them. Audits should be performed on a random basis and not advertised in advance. They should be frequent at the beginning of all new process improvement initiatives. Results from all audits should be signed,
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ShatanaBentley-AC410-Auditing-Unit10-Reflection -...

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