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Journal #4 The setting of the story seemed to be quite a while ago. Women weren’t allowed to be as independent as men. They were certainly in a very desolate location since they had to harvest their food and the author refers to the place as a ‘closed pot.’ Paragraph 5 shows how she is rebelling against what society expects from a woman. It describes her as looking very masculine and works hard in the sun almost like then men do. Elisa watches the men in the field because she’s envious of them because they can go out and work and take breaks when they like. They had more freedom then she had. The traveler offends Elisa by saying that traveling is not for a woman. And her husband offends her unintentionally by complimenting her looks as ‘nice’ and ‘strong.’ The freedom of the lifestyle of a traveler really attracted Elisa. She actually ran to get her pot for him. She let down her hair and her voice grew husky when talking to him and she almost touched his leg.
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Unformatted text preview: This certainly shows that she was attracted to him and his lifestyle. Afterwards, Elisa feels she must shower. She scrubs her body until she’s red almost as if she’s rubbing off the sin she feels she had committed. And since she’s clean she gets dressed up. Elisa’s relationship with the flowers is almost like her own children. She has complete control of them and she must take of them at all times. The fence surrounding her and her flowers is like her own oasis where she is free to what she pleases and no one is allowed in unless she lets them. When she let the traveler into the fence it was almost like letting him in to her sexual realm where she feels sexual tension. I think Elisa feels interested in wine and boxing because she feels that she needs to change to be more lady-like which is the opposite of how she normally is. So I think she feels interested because it’s something that has never interested her before....
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