Feedback from students and action taken

Feedback from - they fully understand the answer 3 Do more derivations in class do more complicated examples in class Action Obviously I cannot add

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Feedback from students and action taken 1. Homework problems are very difficult; also give more exam-like problem for homework. Action: Other students indicated that homework problems are easy, so comment reflects large disparity in preparation among students. I will try to add more exam- like problems to homework. I also asked homework helpers to send me an email after they do each homework set to indicate any unusual difficulties or unnecessary tedium. 2. Sometimes answers to blue question marks are not clear, post them on the web. Action: Posting answers on the web will allow students to parrot back my answers instead of fully understanding the question and answer. I appointed another class heckler to make sure that students do not let me leave a blue question mark before
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Unformatted text preview: they fully understand the answer. 3. Do more derivations in class, do more complicated examples in class. Action: Obviously, I cannot add without subtracting. Homework problems are intended to exercise students in nitty-gritty of solving problems, while class time is focused on concepts and the understanding of the quantities that go in and out of the equations we use. We cover the material in class that is most relevant to the exams rather than the homework. Since this is different from most courses, I will bring this topic up for discussion. 4. Repeat answers by students in class so that the off-campus students will hear. Action: Will ask class heckler to remind when I fail to do that....
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