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AP Biology Campbell Textbook Notes Mollusks - Soft bodies, internal or external shell, aquatic mollusks have trochophore: freeswimming larva stage. - Foot: flat structures for crawling, spage structures for borrow, and tentacles for capturing prey. - Mantle: is a thin layer of tissue covering body - Shell: calcium carbonate, made by glands in mantle. - Visceral mass: internal organs beneath mantle. - Radula: tongue in snail and slugs. - Siphon: clams, a tubelike structure thru which water enters and leaves. - Open circulatory system: blood is pumped thru vessels by simple heart, later leaves cessels and empties into sinuses. - Use nephridia tube shaped to remove ammonia. - Octopi have well developed nervous systems compared other mollusks. - Snails, two shelled mollusks use external fertilization thru wetter. In tentacle mollusks and some snail, use internal fertilization inside body of F, hermaphrodites. - Gastropods: shellless or single shelled use muscular foot located on ventral side, snails protects
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Unformatted text preview: with shell, slugs protect in darkness, nudibranchs protect with chemicals (brightly colored), sea hares have partial shell and protect thru inking.-Bivalves: two shells held together by 1 or 2 strong muscles, currents created by cilia on gills circulate water, and with water, mucus and cilia trap food. They use long muscular extension to collected food.-Cephalopods: soft bodies, head attached to one foot, foot divides into arms. Some have shell, some don’t, nautiluses: external shells, control depth by regulating gas in their shells. Cuttlefishes: small shells inside bodies. Octopi: no shells. Huge eyes, distinguish objects near from them, distinguish shapes by sight and texture. -Mollusks clean up, hosts to symbiotic algae or parasites, important source of food, can monitor water quality, can fight cancer because they never develop cancer....
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