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AP Biology Campbell Textbook Notes Echinoderms - Sea stars, sea urchins, sand dollars - Echindoerms: spiny skin, water vascular system, suction-cuplike structures called tube feet. - Have endoskeleton: internal skeleton - Have five part radian symmetry, but larvae are bilateral symmetry. - Are deuterostomes, which indicates how close the vertebrates are. - In water vascular system, the tubes are filled w/ fluid. It carries out many essential body functions, it opens to the outside thru a
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Unformatted text preview: madreporite: a sievelike structure, also connects to ring canal in sea stars. -From ring canal, five radial canals extend along body segs. Attached to each radial canal are tube feet, which help movement.-External fertilization-Sea stars: important predators that control the #s of clams and corals (carnivores)-Sea urchins: control distribution of algae and other forms of marine life....
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