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Summary and Critiques on the “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson Chapter 1 – A Fable for Tomorrow Summary The chapter starts describing a Utopian town in America, through each season. In the spring, there would be “white clouds of bloom drifting above the green fields” (Carson 1). In autumn, there would be many trees with vibrant colored leaves on them. Even in the winter, many birds would come to feed on the berries. People traveled from far distances to observe the bird patterns and diversity. There were also streams, which contained pools blossoming with trout. This is the way it has been for countless years, but then, deathness conquers. Farmers are ill, the town doctors are baffled, there are unexplained deaths. Children would be playing out side, and five hours later, they would be laying dead in bed. The chickens, cattle, and sheep are all gone. There are no more bees to pollinate the fruit trees, and the only birds that we seen were injured. All the robins and jays were silent, and there are no more chicks hatching from eggs.
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