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Summary and Critiques on the “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson Chapter 2 - The Obligation to Endure Summary "The history of life on the earth has been a history of the interaction between living things and their surroundings” (4). For thousands of years, the environment would affect organisms, but recently, organisms have affected the environments. These organisms include humans. We have relatively recently been contaminating our surroundings with pesticides and insecticides, which contain lethal chemicals which cause severe devastation. Once we spray poisons on our crops, it never goes away and it enters a cycle that never ends. Since the beginning of time, the environment on earth has a balance of both dangerous and safe chemicals. For example, there are certain rocks which emit radiation, and even the sun’s rays are dangerous. However, with time, these factors are balanced out. But now, scientists are creating artificial dangers, and there is no time to maintain homeostasis. There are 500 new chemicals introduced
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