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Summary and Critiques on the “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson Chapter 5 – Realms of the Soil S ummary Soil controls many different life forms, and without it, we wouldn’t even be alive. Living things work on work to break it down into soil, such as lichens and moss. Soil also continuously changes, for new matter is added, and bacteria is abundant. Plants would die if not for the nitrogen fixing bacteria. Other organisms include mites and insects, and they are microscopic but they break down much of the soil. There are also larger forms of life which work in the soil. Some live under the soil and some live on top of it. Also, there are earthworms would also break down the soil It’s useful to think of the soil as the home of a community of organisms all working interactively to make soil out of plant and animal residues and to keep it alive. However, when pesticides are dumped in there, no one even knows what will happens.
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