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aaaaaaaaa - Aldrin is one example of a dangerous substance...

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Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring Chapter 7 Summary: The conservationists tell you that loses have been harsh. The direct agencies say that their insecticides don’t hurt anything besides their target, but if it does accidently then they are not at fault. Wildlife biologists are the best to understand wildlife loss, while Entomologists don’t understand the effects of their programs on earth. Even then, the insect control people have the authority. People have a choice to look at the main control programs, and realizing how they actually work. Even though, when an animal group returns after spraying, they are still scarred. But the restoration usually is not allowed because the repeat the spraying process. The creatures that live in the harmed area, are not only the ones that get hurt, even migrating creatures get hurt. One case, happens in Michigan in 1959, where roughly 30,000 acres was sprayed with Aldrin.
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Unformatted text preview: Aldrin is one example of a dangerous substance containing chlorinated hydrocarbons. In charge of the spraying were the Michigan/ USA Department of Agriculture, trying to destroy the Japanese beetle. The odd thing was that there were no reports of the beetle causing trouble. It had been here for a long time and never increased its count. There was no explanation why the beetle was exterminated. This was in expectable. There no reason for using Aldrin., except the price. Authorities told the people of Michigan that Aldrin did no danger, but there was evidence that it did. But when planes flew over dumping the insecticide over the city, pellets fell on people, houses, pets, birds, and people. People knew their houses had a coat of pellets and was a possible poison....
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