Chapter 4 Cheat Sheet - Biology Honors Prentice Hall...

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Biology Honors Prentice Hall Textbook by Miller/Levine Chapter 4 Cheat Sheet Climate is the avg. temp./precipitation in a particular region. It can be caused by the interplay of many factors such as global warming, latitude, and ocean currents. CO2, methane H2O and other atmospheric gases trap heat energy and maintain temp. The natural way heat is trapped is called the green house effect. As a result of differences in latitude and angle of heating, there is the polar zone (cold, 66.6N/ 90 S latitudes) temp zones (climate changes as it is heated and unheated), and the tropical zone 9near the equator between 23.3 N and 23.5 S latitudes) Since the Earth is unequally heated, winds, ocean currents are driven, which transports heat throughout the atmosphere. Together, biotic living and abiotic factors determine the survival and growth of an organisms and the productivity of the ecosystem in which the organisms lives. Habit: both biotic and abiotic. A niche is the organism’s occupation. It is the full range of physical/biological condition in which
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Chapter 4 Cheat Sheet - Biology Honors Prentice Hall...

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