d - throat swallowed again back into intestines-Hookworms...

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AP Biology Campbell Textbook Notes Roundworms - Unsegmented, pseudocoeloms, two openings (mouth/anus). - Use ganglia, hydrostatic skeletons, internal fertilizations. - Excretion: urea thru urine - Trchinosis causing worms: two hosts, affect intestines, release larvae - Filarial worms: affect blood vessels, block passage of fluids. - Ascarid worms: cause malnutrition called Ascarcis, reach lungs, spread into air passage, into
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Unformatted text preview: throat, swallowed again, back into intestines. -Hookworms: hatch outside of the body, develop in soil, burrow into skin, and suck host blood in intestines.-C. elegans: feeds on rotting vegetation, first multicellular animal DNA to be sequence completely, 97 mill base pairs, shows how genes make organisms different...
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