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CHM114, fall 2008 Study guide and sample exam Exam 4 (chapters 14,15 and 19, 20) Introduction In contrast to the exams 1, 2 and 3, all having 25 questions each, this exam has 20 questions. Other rules are the same. On the exam, please, remember to: - write you name on the questionnaire - mark your answers and if relevant write your calculations on the questionnaire - write and bubble your last and first name on scantron of corresponding color code - bubble your answers on scantron. Chapter 14. Chemical kinetics Requirements: To understand what the reaction rate is (molarity change per time change; this is the rate of disappearance of a reactant and the rate of appearance of a product). Reaction rate and stoichiometry. What are the major factors affecting the reaction rate? To understand the effect of the concentration of reactants on the reaction rate. Rate law. Rate constant. What is the reaction order in a certain reactant? (the power of magnitude at the concentration of the reactant). Overall reaction order. To remember that the reaction order can be fractional, it must be determined experimentally, although for simplicity we consider only 0, 1 st and 2 nd orders. To remember that unit of the rate constant depends on the reaction order (M/s for the zero, 1/s for the 1 st and 1/(M s) for the 2 nd order). How does the concentration of the reactant changes with time for the zero, 1 st and 2 nd order reactions? In which coordinates is this dependence represented by a straight line? To understand what the half-life is (the time required for the reactant concentration to fall to the half of the initial value) and to be able to solve simple tasks with it. How does the temperature affect the reaction rate? The meaning of the activation energy. To know the Arrhenius equation and to be able to do calculations with it. To be able to
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CHM114-Ex4-(Ch_14-20)-StudyGuideAndSampleExam - 1 CHM114,...

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