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Course CHM114 Study guide Midterm exam 2. (on Chapters 5 to 8 of “Chemistry – the central science, 11 edition”) 1. Chapter 5. Thermochemistry What are three types of systems? What are their features? Examples of systems related to chemistry. Definitions (formulas) for force, work, pressure. Measurement units for them. Two types of energy – kinetic and potential. Formulas for kinetic energy and electrostatic interaction energy. Measurement units of energy. Direction of heat flow between contacted hot and cold objects. When the heat flow stops? What is the heat? Internal energy of a system. What is the meaning of the phrases “internal energy change is positive” and “internal energy change is negative” ? What do we call “system” when we talk about chemical reaction? What is the initial and final state for the chemical reaction system? How the heat and work transfer, between a system and surrounding, are related to the internal energy change? When do we say “system has done a work on surrounding”, then what is the work change for the system? When do we say “system has acquired a heatfrom
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Study_guide_for_Chapters_5_to_8_of - Course CHM114 Study...

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