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Journal6 - I’m always in a good mood and I try to help...

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Journal #6 A bug that would symbolize me would probably be a firefly. Besides the reason that they only come out at certain times of the year, but other reasons would symbolize me as a person. Fireflies are harmless and kind, fun, and light up at night. Unlike a lot of bugs, fireflies do not cause harm to people nor do they really bug the crap out of people. Although they’re a bug they do not ‘bug.’ I feel that I’m a generally kind person to everyone and do not intentionally cause harm to others or bother others in any way. I also will go out of my way to help others enjoy simple things rather than stress on difficult matters in their life. Fireflies do the same because people of all ages can enjoy the presence of fireflies lighting up the night as they float around. Fireflies are also one of the most fun bugs in this world, in my opinion. Children can run around and chase them and people can just enjoy their illuminating asses when they sit outside at night. I feel I’m usually a fun person for others to be around because
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Unformatted text preview: I’m always in a good mood and I try to help others feel the same by brightening their day. A firefly is as fun as a bug can be and I try to be as fun as I can be for me and others. Last but not least, I feel a firefly symbolizes me because they light up the night time. I think I’m more of a night person because I like to party and hang out with friends all night. During the day I tend to do things by myself such as study, watch TV, and do other random errands. But at night I have as much fun as I can with my friends just as fireflies come out at night in large groups and fly around all night. You can even see some fireflies still out during dawn, which I usually am on weekends. A bug that I thought would best symbolize me was definitely the firefly. Most other bugs are just nuisances and can harm you like bees and spiders. The firefly is harmless, fun to chase and play around with or watch, and they’re up all hours of the night. This is why I thought of the firefly....
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