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Evolutionary Biology Quick Business for Today 1. Read through the syllabus over the next couple days…also Blackboard! 2. No discussion sections until next week 3. iClickers will be used in lecture starting Monday 4. Waitlist for the course or switching sections Through Sunday, try to add or change via CourseEnroll add waitlist – come see Findley here at end of class switching sections – write us at biog1780@cornell.edu 5. Study Groups – freshmen and transfers, sign up!. . Info on Blackboard 6. Track 2 “Writing in the Majors. ..” Katie Marchetto Do you want to… READ primary literature on evolution? Have in-depth DISCUSSIONS of important topics? Explore YOUR own interests in evolution through WRITING projects? Apply to Track 2! application form on Blackboard Deadline for application is Sunday Evolutionary Biology What is evolution? What do evolutionary biologists do? Biological evolution is… Research in evolutionary biology has two major themes 1. Discovering & describing biological diversity 2. Understanding the processes that shape biological diversity How many species?
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Lecture1_24Aug11_color - Evolutionary Biology Quick...

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