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1 Population Genetics: A genetic view of evolutionary change So far, we’ve thought about evolution as a long term process where organisms change dramatically over time. book fig 2.13 Microevolution We might also consider evolution over much shorter time scales: • Evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria • The HIV/Azt example from the first lecture • Evolution of adult lactose tolerance in humans • Evolution of morphological diversity in dogs Population Genetics: Evolutionary processes within populations over smaller time scales. Genetic change may occur through: • Natural Selection • Genetic Drift • Migration • Mutation A genetic definition of evolution: Evolution is any genetic change in a population. Microevolutionary processes are not fundamentally different than macroevolutionary processes. In fact, macroevolution IS microevolution drawn out over long time scales. Clicker Question Which of the following is NOT an example of evolution? A) Just by chance, more girls are born in some random year, increasing the female:male sex ratio from 50:50 to 51:49%. B) Running slowly is a genetic trait in impalas, and hyenas preferentially eat the slowest impalas causing the next generation of impalas to genetically run faster. C) The August summer heat causes the grass in your yard to turn brown. D) A domesticated strain of trout is reared in a hatchery, then released into a stream where it interbreeds with the native trout.
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Lecture18_slides_7Oct11 - Sofar,wevethoughtaboutevolutionasa

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