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BioEE1780 Fall 2011 Evolution and Biodiversity Today’s lecturer: Irby Lovette Lectures 5 & 6: Sept 2 & 7, 2011 Note: There is no lecture on Labor Day, Monday, September 5th. Please be safe over the holiday weekend. For example, despite the obvious temptations, keep in mind that in 2011 there have already been three accidental deaths of students who were swimming, wading, or off-trail hiking in parts of the gorges that appeared deceptively safe. Don’t give Natural Selection a chance to drastically lower your fitness — or that of your friends and classmates! All discussion sections next week will meet at their usual times. Putting Life in its Place: Making Phylogenies I and II This handout covers the two lectures that are all about evolutionary trees: how to read them and how to make them. There is some crazy jargon in this field of science. Some are easy (“nodes,” “branches”). Others seem devised by cruel biologists to make simple ideas seem complicated (“symplesiomorphy,” “monophyletic”). This is one of those moments when you simply have to learn a bit of technical jargon… but far more important than the terms themselves are the concepts they represent. This lecture outline has the main terms you should know indicated in bold italics. After this part of the course you should also be adept at interpreting evolutionary tree figures and have a basic grasp of how to use a set of characters from a group of species to estimate their associated evolutionary tree. These two lectures parallel textbook Chapter 4. Section 4.1 is particularly relevant and worth studying closely. Likewise, the first part of Section 4.2 also closely reflects the lecture material. The part of Section 4.2 that comes after the subhead “Evaluating Particular Branches: Bootstrapping” (including Box 4.1) will not be directly covered on exams, although we suggest that you read this section as
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Lecture5&6_handout_2&7Sep11 - BioEE1780...

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