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BioG1780 Fall 2011 Evolution and Biodiversity Today’s lecturer: Amy McCune Lectures 11: Sept 19, 2010 1 Deciphering Earth History: Geology and Chronology This is the first of four lectures on Macroevolution. The first three lectures in this module focus on the fossil record and what this record tells us about the history of life on earth. The fourth lecture in this set deals with how developmental biology can inform our understanding of the origin of novel form and function. Readings for this lecture: Section 2.3 (pp. 60-65) of the text; also relevant sections of Ithaca is Gorges . I. Big Patterns: deciphering the history of life. A. Phylogenetic trees show the order of branching, inferred from character distributions B. Evidence of past life from the fossil record. II. How do we interpret the fossil record? A. Fossils are the remains of organisms that were once alive. B. Fossils are most often found in sedimentary rocks. C. Sedimentary rocks can provide information about:
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Lecture11_handout_19Sep11 - BioG1780 Evolution and...

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