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BioG1780 Fall 2011 Evolution and Biodiversity Today’s lecturer: Amy McCune Lecture 13: Sept 23 2011 1 Change and Stasis through the History of Life This is the third of three lectures on the fossil record and what this record tells us about the history of life on Earth. In today's lecture we look at patterns of change and diversification through time, at the evidence for stasis and for rapid change, and at the causes and consequences of extinction. Readings for this lecture: Ch. 18, pp. 694-717. Please note that Chapter 17, which covers the origin of life and pre-Cambrian evolution, is NOT required reading, but is encouraged for those students who want to know more about these topics. I. Large scale change: tempo (rate) and mode (pattern) in evolution A. Anagenesis (change within a lineage) B. Cladogenesis (aka splitting, speciation) (change between lineages) II. Morphological change through time in the fossil record A. Evidence for Darwin’s expected gradualism?
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Lecture13_handout_23Sep11 - BioG1780 Evolution and...

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