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BioG 1780 Fall 2011 Evolution and Biodiversity Today’s lecturer: Amy McCune Lecture 14: Sept 26, 2011 1 Origin of Novelty: Evolution and Development This lecture follows upon our discussion of the fossil record and what that record tells us about the history of life on earth. The fossil record reveals many examples of the origin of novel forms, and here we consider how (at the levels of organismic development, genes and gene expression) such novel forms might arise. Readings for this lecture: Ch. 19, pp. 725-735. Note that Chapter 19 provides three detailed examples of "evo-devo" research, only one of which will be discussed in lecture. If you are interested in this fascinating subject, you are encouraged to read the rest of Ch. 19, which presents two other examples: the origin of tetrapod limbs and angiosperm flowers. Also note that in lecture we will provide context to thinking about evo-devo that is not covered at all in your text. I. Origin of novelty. A. Fossils provide continuous record of the origin of new forms B. Newly arisen characters that differ qualitatively are often termed novelties
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Lecture14_handout_26Sep11 - BioG 1780 Evolution and...

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