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BioEE 1780 Fall 2011 Evolutionary Biology and Diversity Oct 7 & 12 POPULATION GENETICS and MICROEVOLUTION TEXT READING for next 2 lectures (Oct 7 & 12): Freeman and Herron Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 section 6.1. Specifically emphasize pages 144-148, 152-160, 163 from Chapter 5 and pages 170-182 from Chapter 6. GENETICS of POPULATIONS A. Transition from Macroevolution to Microevolution 1. Macroevolution is the change in patterns of species diversity (or diversity of higher taxa over large time scales. 2. Microevolution is genetic change in populations. Microevolutionary processes lead to macroevolutionary observations. 3. Our working definition of Evolution is “any genetic change in a population.” B. Population Genetics 1. Evolution can be defined as any genetic change in a population over time. 2. Genetic change may occur through Natural Selection, Genetic Drift, Migration, and Mutation. We will discuss each of these in some detail over the next 6 lectures. C. Important terminology 1. Population: a group of interbreeding individuals.
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Lecture18&19_handout_07&12Oct11 - BioEE...

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