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prelim1 Fall 2009 - For grading use only mc 11 BioEE 2780...

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BioEE 2780 YOUR NAME __________________________________ PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Midterm I – October 2, 2009 • Do not open the exam until we announce that you can start. • Be sure to print your name on this page and on all written-answer pages. The rest of the exam totals to 90 points — you get 10 ‘free’ points if your name is written legibly above AND on pages 4 and 5. • This exam includes 10 multiple-choice questions and 4 written-answer or problem-solving questions. IMPORTANT: answer all 14 questions. • Questions 11-13 are each meant to be answered in no more than a short paragraph each. You may use only the space provided in the boxes for your written answers. It is essential to plan your responses before answering, as well-thought-out, concise responses will score much higher than rambling answers that include tangential or irrelevant information. Remember: answer the specific question being asked, don’t just write down everything you know on the topic. • You must record your multiple-choice answers on this page. Pages 2-3 will not be seen by the graders. • Be sure to sign the academic integrity contract below: ACADEMIC INTEGRITY I, ____________________________agree to abide by the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity in completing this exam. I am aware that the Code of Academic Integrity specifies that all answers must be my own work based on my own knowledge of the course content. MULTIPLE CHOICE ANSWER SHEET FOR QUESTIONS 1-10 CIRCLE one answer per question. If you change your answer and want to be sure that we interpret your change correctly, use the line at right to print your response too. (4 points each) 1. A B C D E _________ 2. A B C D E _________ 3. A B C D E _________ 4. A B C D E _________ 5. A B C D E _________ 6. A B C D E _________ 7. A B C D E _________ 8. A B C D E _________ 9. A B C D E _________ 10. A B C D E _________ Before you turn in your exam: (1) check that your name is above and on pages 4 and 5; (2) double- check that you have transferred your MC answers to this page; (3) answer ALL FOUR questions 11-14. For grading _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ exam total: ___________ use only mc 11 12 13 14 /100 pts possible
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