2 - Lecture 2 1 Reading assignment for the week pp 71-84...

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Lecture 2. August 26, 2011 1. Reading assignment for the week: pp 71-84, 92-94, 102-106, 132-133 [Ch 1 & 2 for review]. Homework assignments for the week: LG 1 & 2; Ch 3 # 2, 4, 7 Know structures of all 20 amino acids for Quiz 1; Do entire PyMOL tutorial, LG pp 303-312; Follow instructions exactly; we suggest that do the entire tutorial twice (!) 2. Buy the text and Lecture Guide. If Kraftees is out of Lecture Guides, you must tell them to order one for you (e-mail works). They will not order one unless you ask. 3. Regular office hours start next week on Monday 8/29. The first review session will be Tu 9/6. 4. Applying to Vet Med Programs (both USA and abroad): Tuesday 8/30 at 4:35PM in G37 Plant Sciences Bldg. 5. Biology Open House, Wednesday 8/31 from 4:00 - 5:30PM in Stimson Hall. Meet Biology faculty, peer advisors, reps from predmed, prevet, research clubs. 6. Today: National Society of Black Engineers, Cornell Chapter. Friday 8/26/11 from 5 - 7PM in the Africana Center Multipurpose Room. EML222 for more information. 7. The grading system for this class: THANKS ! to the students who came on Wednesday afternoon to figure this out! A. Quizzes are worth 25%, Midterm 35%, and Final 40%. Each exam is normalized by dividing by the mean. There are different versions of each quiz, and there is a make-up for the midterm and for the final, but the normalized scores can be compared. We intend for the median course grade to be a B+. If you got the ~mean on every test, you would get a B+ in the course. B. There will be a total of 10 quizzes during the semester. However, each student should plan to take 9 . In other words, a student can miss one of the first 9 quizzes for ANY REASON (and no need to explain why!) , then take the very last quiz, and still have 9 quizzes taken. Or, take all of the first 9 quizzes, and then do not take the very last one. Out of these 9 quizzes, the two lowest quiz grades will be dropped (lowest score or one more missed quiz). C. A total of 9 quizzes can be taken ( 7 counted toward your grade) from among the 10 quizzes that will be offered . If you took fewer than 9 for any reason, then you would be
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eligible to take the "make-up quiz" on Wed 11/30 . (In fact this is not really a make-up quiz: The subject matter of that “make-up” quiz will be the lectures of that week of the course, not the particular quiz that you missed because there actually are no make-up quizzes ). Thus, no student can take more than 9 quizzes, and 7 quizzes count toward the grade. D. If you miss more than three quizzes, e-mail Prof. F. DO NOT see Prof. F. to explain why you missed any given one quiz or even up to three quizzes (You could still take the make-up quiz and thereby have the necessary 7 quizzes for calculating your quiz grade).
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2 - Lecture 2 1 Reading assignment for the week pp 71-84...

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