5k - Net ID _Key A_ QUIZ 5a 10/6/10 1. (5 pts) The graph on...

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V m Net ID ___Key A ________ QUIZ 5a 10/6/10 1. (5 pts) The graph on the left does not show raw data. Instead, for the plot of V in vs [S] shown on the left, each data point was obtained from a graph of a certain set of measurements. On the right, draw the graph that shows this set of raw data measurements used to obtain one such V in vs [S] point. Show directly on your plot how this graph would be used. Label axes. 2. (10 pts) Match each description with one graph of the rxn: Use a graph A-F only once as an answer. E + S ES E + P a. __F __ ES dissociation constant > 1 c. __B __ Equilibrium constant for formation of P < 1 d. __C __ Tightest binding of E to S e. __E __ Km Ks f. ___ A __ Ks = 1.0 3. (6 pts) Draw the graph that describes an enzyme active site that requires a protonated His, pKa 6, and an unprotonated Glu, pKa 4, for catalysis. SHOW NUMERICAL VALUES ON THE x-AXIS. 4. (3 pts) Write the Michaelis-Menten equation: V = Vm[S]/(Km + [S]) 5. (6 pts) Refer to the projected color PyMOL images and the PyMOL Protein Data Bank assignment. a. What small molecules, which you viewed after a HIC-UP search, are shown in image E? CAFFEINE b. Images A & B show the same molecule. Very (VERY) briefly, why are the images different? B DETERMINED BY NMR, A BY X-RAY DIFFR. c. Very (VERY) briefly, what is shown in spheres display in image D? INHIBITOR (OR PROTEASE INHIBITOR OR TRIPEPTIDE) Circle T if true, F if false for d, e, and f: d. T / F SCOP and CATH show the total of all structures deposited into the Protein Data Bank.
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5k - Net ID _Key A_ QUIZ 5a 10/6/10 1. (5 pts) The graph on...

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