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Net ID _KEY A BIOMG 3310 QUIZ 8a 11/10/10 1. (5 pts) Consider the enzyme phosphofructokinase-1 (PFK-1) in  liver cells .  In the blanks below, write  R  or  T  if that allosteric state is  promoted, or else  N  for "no effect".  (Do not worry about any "overall influences" of the Citric Acid Cycle, glycolysis , or fatty acid metabolism on  each other.  Just pay attention to the control molecules below). a. increase [glucagon] BLOOD  _ T __ b. activate activity of _ T __ protein kinase A c. activate GP _ N _ phosphatase d. increase [F-2,6-BP] _ R _ e. increase [AMP] _ R _ 2. (10 pts) The Citric Acid Cycle is shown on the right. For (a - f) write the number(s) of the step(s) described below. If more than one number fits, write them all. a. ___ 3, 4 ___ decarboxylation b. __ 2b, 7 ___ hydration c. __ 6 ___ membrane-bound enzyme d. __ 1 __ formation of C - C bond (no pts off for answer of 2a or 6) e. __ 3, 4, 8 __ NADH is a product f. __ 6 ___ FADH2 is a product 3. (2 pts) Write the overall equation for the reaction that occurs in the Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex: Pyruvate + CoA + NAD+ Acetyl-CoA + CO2 + NADH 4. (6 pts) Refer to the color projection from the PFK-1 PyMOL assignment. Write in the letter(s) that match the descriptions below. Some descriptions have more than one letter as the answer.
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8K - Net ID_KEY A BIOMG 3310 QUIZ 8a...

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