10K - Net ID KEY A BIOMG 3310 MAKE-UP QUIZ 10A 12/1/10 1....

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Net ID KEY A BIOMG 3310 MAKE-UP QUIZ 10 A 12/1/10 1. (8 pts) Answer the following. Use only these abbreviations: LHC = light harvesting complex; PSII = photosystem II; Cyt bf = cytochrome bf; PC = plastocyanin, Fd = ferredoxin; FNR = ferredoxin-NADP reductase; PSI = photosystem I; CF1-CFo = chloroplast ATP Synthase a. Cyt bf binds reduced quinone to create a H+ gradient b. Cyt bf binds reduced quinone, then reduces a water-soluble protein c. PS I binds a water-soluble protein to obtain e- for reducing chlorophyll d. CF1-CFo site of ATP synthesis e. Cyt bf has a Q-Cycle f. LHC light (photon) energy transfer occurs g. PS I reduces ferredoxin h. PS II where O2 forms 2. (5 pts) Answer the following questions about the stages 1, 2, and 3 of the Calvin Cycle: a. Which stage is like gluconeogenesis? _2__ b. Which stage uses ATP? _2__ c. Which stage uses NADPH? _2__ d. At which stage is new carbohydrate formed? _2_ e. At which stage is CO2 fixed? _1__ 3. (4 pts) After a photon is absorbed by a chromophore (a “pigment”), list the 4 possible fates of the light energy. Be brief. One word can be sufficient: HEAT RE-EMISSION or FLUORESCENCE ENERGY TRANSFER PHOTOCHEMISTRY or PHOSPHORESCENCE or REACTION or CHEMICAL REACTION 4. (4 pts) Answer these questions about fatty acid synthesis and the image on the right: a. In the box, draw the next 4-carbon intermediate. b. What is the name of the 3-carbon precursor for fatty acid synthesis? MALONATE or MALONYL-CoA c. Which hormone increases the rate of fatty acid synthesis? INSULIN 5. (9 pts)
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10K - Net ID KEY A BIOMG 3310 MAKE-UP QUIZ 10A 12/1/10 1....

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