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project selection process - Managers focus on process and...

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project selection process Criteria Assumptions Gather data/info Evaluate opportunity vs criteria In many situations a request for proposal does not involve soliciting competitive proposals from external contractors. When network planning techniques are used, the planning function does not depend on the scheduling function. In general, the shorter the reporting period, the better the chances of identifying problems early and taking effective corrective actions. Eliminate positive slack Time cost trade off methodology is used to incrementally reduce the project duration with the smallest associated increase in incremental cost. Crash time is the shortest estimated length of time in which the activity can be completed.
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Unformatted text preview: Managers focus on process and leaders are more people oriented A preliminary design review meeting occurs when the contractor has completed the initial conceptual specifications, drawings, or flowcharts. Barriers to effective communication include: interpersonal issues and cultural differences, organizational structure and technology, poor education and lack of training What is not true about face to face comm? 50% is contained in tone of voice or facial expression Resource leveling is a method for developing a schedule that attempts to minimize the fluctuations in requirements for resources, while keeping the completion time the same....
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