Ch 11 The Project Team

Ch 11 The Project Team - Ch 11 The Project Team Project...

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Ch 11 The Project Team Project team = group of individuals working interdependently to achieve the project objective Teamwork = the cooperative effort by members of a team to achieve that common goal Objectives Development and growth of teams Characteristics of effective project teams and barriers to effectiveness Team building Valuing team diversity Ethical behavior Sources of conflict during the project and approaches to handling conflict Problem solving Effective time management Project Team Development and Effectiveness Stages of Team Development and Growth o Forming the initial stage of the team development process little actual work is accomplished because of the high level of anxiety individuals have In the forming stage individuals do a lot of questioning The PM must provide direction and stricture for the project team o Storming Second stage of TDP During storming conflict emerges and tension increases During storming team members wonder how much control and authority they have The PM needs to provide guidance and foster conflict resolution o Norming After storming occurs In the norming stage, conflict and dissatisfaction are reduced, cohesion begins to develop, and there is a sense of team Trust begins to develop; there is a greater sharing of information, ideas, and feelings; cooperation increases Work performance accelerates and productivity increases o Performing Fourth and final stage There is a great degree of interdependency – members frequently collaborate and willingly help each other with work beyond their own tasks The PM fully delegates responsibility and authority, thereby empowering the project team Effective Project Team o Effectiveness of a project team can make the difference between project failure and success
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o Characteristics of an effective project team Clear understanding of the project objective Scope, level of quality, budget, and schedule must be well defined For project objective to be achieved, each team member must have the same vision of project result and the benefits it will provide Clear expectations of each person’s role and responsibilities Members of team must know how their part fits together, appreciate other’s expertise and accept the responsibilities for carrying out the project Results orientation Must have strong commitment to achieving goal Members must be enthusiastic and willing to spend time and energy on project High degree of cooperation and collaboration Communication is key Members act as resources for each other Give help and support and provide feedback and constructive criticism High level of trust Members must be able to resolve conflict through constructive and timely feedback and positive confrontation of the issues
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Ch 11 The Project Team - Ch 11 The Project Team Project...

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