Ch 12 Project Communication and Documentation

Ch 12 Project Communication and Documentation - Ch 12...

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Ch 12 Project Communication and Documentation Objective Suggestions for enhancing personal communications such as face-to-face discussions and written communications Effective listening Various types of project meetings and suggestions for effective meetings Formal project presentations and suggestions for effective presentations Project reports and suggestions for preparing useful reports Project documentation and keeping track of changes Collaborative communication tools Personal Communication Effective and frequent personal communication is key to keeping project moving, identifying problems, soliciting suggestions for improving project, making sure customer is satisfied, and avoid surprises Oral Communication o Face to face or via phone o Body language can be used not only by the person talking but also by the listener as a way to provide feedback to the person talking o In personal communication people need to be sensitive to body language reflective of the cultural diversity of the participants o Project team members need to be proactive in initiating timely communication with other team members and the PM to get and give information o Two methods you can use to generate feedback during oral communication is to ask the other person to state his/her understanding of what you said or paraphrase what you think the other person said Written Communication o Two methods of written comm are internal memos to project team and external letters to customer or others outside firm o Be clear and concise o Used to inform, confirm and request Effective Listening Failure to listen can cause a breakdown in communication between people Common barriers to effective listening o Pretending to listen o Distractions o Bias and closed mindedness
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Ch 12 Project Communication and Documentation - Ch 12...

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