Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Overview Building relationships with...

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Chapter 3 Overview Building relationships with customers and partners Proposal marketing strategies and the bid/no-bid decision The development of winning proposals The proposal preparation process and the elements that may be included in a proposal Pricing considerations The evaluation of proposals Types of contracts between the customer and the contractor Measuring success of proposal efforts Building Relationships with Customers and Partners Relationships establish the foundation for successful funding and contract opportunities Relationship building requires being proactive and engaged Contractors should get to know the customer on a personal basis Must be a good listener and learner When not in business talks/situations be personable Establishing ad building trust is key to developing effective and successful relationships with clients and partners Building effective and successful relationships takes time and work Pre-RFP/Proposal Marketing Contractors must develop a relationship with potential customers long before customer prepares a RFP Contractors should maintain past relationships, continue current ones, and initiate new ones Good method to create confidence in the potential customer is to introduce him/her to a past customer who had a similar problem that the contractor resolved In some cases, the contractor may prepare an unsolicited proposal A contractor’s pre-RFP/proposal efforts are crucial to establishing the foundation for eventually winning a contract from the customer to perform the project The outcome of a successful pre-RFP effort is a contract without competition from other contractors Bid/No-Bid Decision Competition o Look out for other contractors and their advantages over you Risk o Look out for too many uncertainties or low success projects (because of financial or technical reasons) Mission o Make sure the proposed project is consistent with the customer’s mission Extension of Capabilities o Would the project be able to extend and enhance its capabilities aka expand customer base through current project Reputation
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o Past project experience and outcomes affect future proposals and bidding decisions Customer Funds o Confirm that the financials are set and fully there and that the customer is just baiting his/her RFP Proposal Resources o Imperative that the proposal be sufficient quality to have a good chance of winning by have a good networking for necessary resources Project Resources o Contractors need to make sure that the appropriate individuals within their organization will be available to work on the project
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Overview Building relationships with...

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