CCJS 100 Study Guide 1st Exam Sp 2010

CCJS 100 Study Guide 1st Exam Sp 2010 - This study guide is...

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This study guide is offered to assist you in focusing on what can be expected on the first examination. There are a few “ground rules” you should be aware of in order to maximize the time you have to take the examination. 1. Be sure and bring an ample supply of #2 pencils and erasers with you to class, as pencils are not provided. 2. In order to maximize your test-taking time, you should pick up an examination and a scantron sheet upon entering the class room. 3. You will notice the examination booklets will either be white or blue. You can take either one; however, you CANNOT BE SEATED DIRECTLY NEXT TO A PERSON WHO HAS THE SAME COLOR EXAMINATION BOOKLET AS YOU DO. THERE MUST BE AT LEAST ONE SEAT’S SEPARATION BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU. IF THIS SEPARATION IS IMPOSSIBLE YOU MUST HAVE DIFFERENT-COLORED EXAMINATION BOOKLETS. 4. As soon as you are seated, you must do the following: a. Fill out your last name, first name and student ID number on the scantrons, leaving one space between your last name and first name. b. Be sure to fill in all the “bubbles” under your name and student ID, as this is what the scanner reads when your exam is being scanned. c. In the upper left-hand section of your scantron, print the last name of your discussion leader and the color of your examination. If you do not know the name of your discussion leader, refer to your syllabus. d.
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CCJS 100 Study Guide 1st Exam Sp 2010 - This study guide is...

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