Crime and Justice in America

Crime and Justice in America - Crime and Justice in America...

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Unformatted text preview: Crime and Justice in America 04/02/2010 13:24:00 The Criminal Law is defined by elected representatives in state legislatures and congress, who make choices about behaviors that the government will punish Defining Crime 1) Mala in se: Offenses that are wrong by their very nature (rape and murder) 2) Mala prohibita: Offenses prohibited by the law but not wrong in themselves (gambling, prostitution, drug use) Types of Crime: 1) Visible Crime: An offense against persons or property, committed primarily by members of a lower class. Often referred to as a street crime or ordinary crime this type of offense is the one most upsetting the public. (range from shop lifting to murder, contains three sub categories) Violent Crimes: Acts against people in which death or physical injury results. (homicide, assault, rape, and robbery) Property Crime: acts that threaten property held by individuals or by the state. (theft, larceny, shoplifting, embezzlement, and burglary) Public Order Crime: Acts that threaten the well-being of society and challenge accepted moral principles (drunkenness, aggressive panhandling, vandalism, and disorderly conduct) 1) Occupational Crime: Criminal offenses committed though opportunities created in a legal business or occupation 2) Organized Crime: A framework for the perpetuation of criminal acts-usually in fields such as gambling, drugs, and prostitution-providing illegal services that are in great demand Recently they have been involved in new services such as commercial arson, illegal disposal of toxic wastes, and money laundering 3) Money Laundering: Moving the proceeds of criminal activities through a maze of business, banks, and brokerage accounts so as to disguise their origin Crimes without Victims: Offenses involving a willing and private exchange of illegal gods or services that are in strong demand. Participants do not feel they are being harmed, but these crimes are prosecuted on the ground that society as a while in being injured (prostitution, gambling, and drug sales and use) Political Crime: An Act, usually done for ideological purposes, that constitutes a threat against the state ( such as treason, sedition, or espionage) also describes a criminal act by the state Cyber Crime: Offenses that involve the use of one or more computers 1) acts against peoples properties, public order, or morality 2) Hackers create and distribute viruses designed to destroy or gain control of other computers How Much Crime is there?...
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Crime and Justice in America - Crime and Justice in America...

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