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Josh Navarro Hisp 200 Section 0103 1/31/10 My Ecological Footprint After taking the quiz on my ecological footprint, I must say I wasn’t particularly surprised on how the results came out. The quiz told me that if everyone on earth lived my lifestyle that they would need 6.58 earths to survive. Before I took this quiz I had an idea that my lifestyle, one that would be viewed as not the most eco-friendly, would take numerous earths to sustain life, but I was surprised to see exactly how high that number was. After seeing what the number of earths was I did take a second to think that my way of life was not only slightly unnecessary, but I am participating greatly in destroying our earths natural resources. Once I finished glancing at the number of earths I would take up, I looked at how my footprint stood up next to that of the country’s. In each of the 4 categories my footprint generally was near that of the country average. When it came to the carbon footprint my footprint was a 74.0 while the country’s was an outstanding 91.4.
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