hisp assignment week 9

hisp assignment week 9 - Hisp 200 3/20/10 Week Nine...

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Unformatted text preview: Hisp 200 3/20/10 Week Nine Assignment When wandering around an urban area it is not uncommon to see a mini-park in which residents will either play sports with their friends or relax and take in the scenery. While these parks are places for all to enjoy, few take time to think about the effort that goes into these parks by their designers. Urban Diaries discusses what goes into designing these parks starting with the Standard Design Models. These models are generally used by designers as a way to improve low-income areas. This is important because without these models the designer would end up blindly trying to fix up these areas, and the end result would be less than satisfactory. When going about redesigning a park the designers needs to embrace the key skill of observation the surrounding areas and really take in all possible scenarios of what could happen at these parks on a day-to- day basis. As stated by landscape architect Randolph Hester, observation is the single best technique for discovering what people do and how people interact with other people in their neighborhood space (Hood, Pg. 155). in their neighborhood space (Hood, Pg....
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hisp assignment week 9 - Hisp 200 3/20/10 Week Nine...

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