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Administrative Policies FL09

Administrative Policies FL09 - IMPORTANT COURSE POLICIES...

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IMPORTANT COURSE POLICIES FOR MUET200 The purpose of these instructions is to provide you, the student, with the basic administrative requirements and procedures for this class. Following these instructions will be a benefit to you and will assist you in achieving the maximum benefits from the course. The following policies and procedures apply to all students: 1. Class Attendance for MUET200 is as prescribed in the University of Maryland Undergraduate Catalog, Section Attendance and Assessment/Examinations. For example, it is university policy that "examinations or other significant assessments may not be scheduled on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Good Friday, or the first two days of Passover" (University of Maryland Undergraduate Catalog 2003-2004: 37). For more information regarding the University of Maryland policy on class attendance please see the Registration, Academic Regulations and Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog at www.inform.umd.edu/ugradcat /.
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