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Ethan Rosenblum MUET200-0112 Boden Sandstrom Elizabeth Goldman October 11, 2009 Unit II, Section A: Ethnicity and Identity (Case Study: Cajun, Zydeco) Readings: Shelemay “Case Study: Multiple Identities in Cajun and Zydeco Music” Focus Questions: 1. What are the cultural differences between the Cajun and Creole peoples? Creole people are of African, Afro-Caribbean, French and Spanish heritage while the Cajun people are Acadian and are influenced by Spanish, Native Americans, Euro Americans, and African Americans. They both have a French dialect but the Cajuns are farmers and trappers. 2. How has Cajun music attempted to revitalize Cajun culture? Unwelcome in the Spanish – dominated New Orleans, many Cajuns moved to the tidal flats and bayous in southwest Louisiana where they kept their French traditions and language while coming into contact with different types of people. Their life style inspired songs and added to the revitalization of their culture.
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