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Identity Paper - 1 Rosenblum Ethan Rosenblum MUET200-0112...

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1 Rosenblum Ethan Rosenblum MUET200-0112 Boden Sandstrom Elizabeth Goldman October 12, 2009 Identity For as long as I can remember I have constantly been listening to music. Whether I was riding in the back seat of my parents’ car, or trying to fall asleep at night, the radio was constantly on. Throughout my life I have had many influences that factor into the music I listen to. These include my parents, my friends, my siblings, and what is popular on the radio. I listen to all types of music, and depending on my mood, the setting, and who I am with I will choose what to listen to accordingly. The music I choose to listen to can be directly attributed to my cultural background through family, the type of person I am, and gender. When I was young, my parents controlled the radio in the car so what I listened to was the music that they enjoyed. No knowing anything else I enjoyed their music, which was mostly classic rock and a little jazz and blues as well. I developed a fondness for that music and when I hear that style of music on my iTunes or the radio it reminds me of my youth and the music I used to enjoy. Although I still enjoy that genre of music, when I got my first radio my sister set the dial to a radio station that played music of our generation, more hip hop and some alternative rock. I listened to that station while I went to sleep every night and soon found myself asking my parents to change the station in the car so I could listen to what my sister had introduced me to. With my sister as an example I changed the genre of music I enjoyed the most but still kept some of my initial
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Identity Paper - 1 Rosenblum Ethan Rosenblum MUET200-0112...

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