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Ethan Rosenblum MUET 200-0112 Boden Sandstrom Elizabeth Goldman November 2, 2009 Performance Paper Outline Introduction Artist: Jay-Z Venue: First Mariner Arena – Baltimore, MD Date: October 27, 2009 Regional: Jay Z opened with “Run This Town” - The title itself represents regionalism “Already Home” - talks about haters where he is from -entire backdrop/light show Urban: his rap style and technique are clearly of urban style -people at the conert were from a very urban area - the things he said on stage were geared toward the urban crowd Race: 99 problems -verse when the cop pulls him over…Jay Z claims it’s because he is black
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Unformatted text preview: - uses the N word a lot. .- most of the crowd was African American Thesis: Jay-Z put on an unbelievable show centered around the themes of regionalism, urbanism and race, through his music, lyrics, stage presence, and the atmosphere of his concert. Bibliography: Online Source: Sessa, Sam. "Midnight Sun." The Baltimore Sun . 28 Oct 2009. The Baltimore Sun, Web. 29 Oct 2009. < 10/concert_review_jayz_at_1st_mar.html>. Scholarly Source: Arnold, Chuck. "The Blueprint 3." People . 72.13 (2009): 59. Print....
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