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Sam Katz MUET 200-0102 Dr . Sandstrom Ms . Flynn 11/30/09 Jay-Z: Rags to Riches The rapper/icon Jay-Z performed in concert at Baltimore Mariner Arena in Baltimore , Maryland on October 27 th , 2009. The rapper who was born with the name Sean Carter has overcome a poverty stricken life of hopelessness to achieve success almost unparalleled in his industry . Jay- Z has strived through adversity and improbable odds to achieve greatness as not just a rapper , but as an entrepreneur as well . The identity of Sean Carter as a fatherless, underprivileged, black male from New York City has shaped him into the man the world knows today: Jay-Z . Jay-Z’s past and current socioeconomic status along with his race , regional identity, and gender are directly paralleled through his performances and lyrics . Sean Carter’s race has made a profound impact on his life . Jay-Z has overcome the stereotypes of the lazy African American male to succeed in the business world (Reyna and Brandt, 2009) . In the song “A Star is Born” Jay-Z addresses his transition from a broke African American male to a rich millionaire performer and entrepreneur . The lyrics, “Now shining in the broad day light , go figure. It was a slow transition from a lil broke nigga from the Ville” (Jay-Z, The Blueprint 3). This phrase from the song highlights Jay-Z’s move from an unassuming , neglected African American to a chart topping , rich black man (Mari, 2002). By being an African American male from New York City , Jay-Z was faced with obstacles and prejudices not always encountered by the average Caucasian . Because of this adversity and prejudice Jay-Z had to work extra hard in order to be taken seriously in the business world (source) . Being black has caused Jay-Z to face observation and intense scrutiny from society . In the song “99 Problems” Jay-Z depicts a scene many African American’s have to deal with: racial prejudices and profiling . “So I. ..pull over to the side of the road. I heard Son do you know why I'm stoppin' you for? Cause I'm young and I'm black and my hats real low” (Jay-Z, The Black Album)? These lyrics in the song “ 99 Problems” show that Jay-Z has been a victim of racial profiling in his life , and that he constantly faces challenges to win the approval of his judgmental white peers . Jay-Z negotiates with certain aspects of his race in order to create the identity he has
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skatz jay z - Sam Katz MUET 200-0102 Dr Sandstrom Ms Flynn...

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