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Writing Guidelines FL09 - WRITING GUIDELINES FOR ALL...

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WRITING GUIDELINES FOR ALL MUET200 ASSIGNMENTS General Instructions: Papers should be stapled (staplers are available at all UM libraries). Papers should be numbered. Papers should be proofread for proper spelling, grammar, paragraph formatting, and scholarly language. Please keep all graded assignments after they have been returned for your own grade protection. All papers should be typed and follow the guidelines listed below as well as those posted for individual assignments. Do NOT turn in work at the School of Music office or the Ethnomusicology offices. Give all work DIRECTLY to your TA at the beginning of discussion sessions. Heading: Place a single-spaced heading in the upper left-hand corner of your assignment. Include the following in your heading: Your Name Course Name and Number, and Section Number (ex: MUET200-0xxx) Instructor’s Name TA’s Name Date Title: The title of your paper should be placed in the center of the page, two lines (single-spaced) above the beginning of the text and two lines (single-spaced) below the left-hand corner heading. The title of your assignment should be an ORIGINAL and CREATIVE title. Do NOT underline the title of your paper.
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Writing Guidelines FL09 - WRITING GUIDELINES FOR ALL...

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