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essay 3 - Paragraph II Urbanization and Women • 1900’s...

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Woman’s place is the home. But home is not contained within the four walls of an individual house. Home is the community. The city full of people is the Family. … And badly to the Home and Family need their Mother.” Write an essay about the changing role of women in the public sphere, broadly defined. In your answer, consider the forces that contributed to the development of American cities, and the ways in which different groups and individuals confronted and depicted the new urban culture that emerged. For example, what can cultural artifacts such as Stephen Crane’s Maggie and the film Traffic in Souls tells about responses to urbanization in the United States? Introduction: The role of women has been an ever changing aspect of our nations history Paragraph I: View of Women’s role Women’s roles in society were supposed to be domestic Take care of the house and her family Weren’t supposed to seek outside work Had to uphold a level of beauty
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Unformatted text preview: Paragraph II: Urbanization and Women • 1900’s over 4 million women workers in the United States • Though they were now making their way into the world of industry, job opportunities were more limited since they were women • While some women were making their way into the world they still struggled with oppression through White Slavery: Maggie Girl of the Streets • Discuss how new life out of the home wasn’t so easy: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire • Women work fell into 3 fields: o Domestic Servants o White Collar Jobs: Teaching nursing etc. o Industry: Garment Industry or textiles Paragraph III: Marriage & Changing view of Women’s sexuality • Now women felt they needed to depend less on men and wanted to become more independent • Many women rebelled against marriage • 10% of marriageable women stayed single • Womens views on sexualty changed since they were feeling liberated • Problem with b-control through the mail...
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