key terms - Plessy v. Ferguson: (1896) Experiments ran to...

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Plessy v. Ferguson : (1896) Experiments ran to see if the Louisiana Separate Car Act was constitutional, Homer Plessy (1/8 black) entered a white Louisiana Car and was arrested. Fought this all the way through the court systems in which the Supreme Court ruled this was not against his 14 th amendment rights under the terms of “separate but equal” Jim Crow: adopted in the 1880’s they gave precedence to a legal separation of races. By the 1890’s all of the south had been segregated under these laws. Bourgeoisie: Marxist term for the capital-class that owned most of society’s wealth and means of production. White Slavery: Term to describe women who were tricked or forced into prostitution. Typically from a foreign country and brought over seas for this purpose. Disfranchisement: Means of keeping blacks out of the polls. 1890 Mississippi Mugwumps: People who are aloof or independent from a political party, refers to reform republicans who abandoned the republican party to support the democratic candidate Grover Cleveland Standard Oil: John D. Rockefeller’s oil refinery, it was the leading refinery in Cleveland, by 1880’s Standard Oil controlled 95% of the nations refinery capital IWW: founded in 1905 by Ed Boyce, member were called wobblies, based around the Marxist views of class-struggle in the business place, believed all workers should bring about a revolution. Monopoly:
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key terms - Plessy v. Ferguson: (1896) Experiments ran to...

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