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Tom Regan Do animals have rights? 1. What is wrong isn’t the way animals are treated from case to case, but the whole system. The fundamental wrong is the system that allows us to view animals as our resources. 2. Indirect views: we can do wrong acts that involve animals, and so we have duties regarding them, though none to them. For instance, if your neighbor kicks your dog then your neighbor has done something wrong, but not to your dog. By kicking your dog your neighbor damages your property. All duties regarding animals are indirect duties to one another-to humanity. He rejects it because pain is pain because of the pain that is caused. Therefore, we cannot rationally ignore or dismiss the moral relevance of the pain that your dog feels. It fails to command our rational assent and it must at least recognize that we have some duties directly to animals. 3. We have a direct duty to be kind to animals and a direct duty not to be cruel to them. It isn’t acceptable, since a kind person can act from a certain kind of
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