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Math 2940: Linear Algebra for Engineers Recitation sections 210, 211, 214 26 August 2011 Concept Questions: 1) What is a linear combination? 2) How do you multiply a matrix by a vector? (ie, Ax) 3) How you multiply a vector times a matrix? (ie, xA) 4) What are all possible linear combinations of (1,0,3) and (-2,0,-6)?
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Unformatted text preview: Practice Problems: 5) F is a 3x3 forward difference matrix: F = [ − 1 1 − 1 1 − 1 ] If Fz = b, does F-1 , the inverse matrix of F, so that x = F-1 b exist? If so, find it. If not, under what conditions does Fz=b have a solution?...
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