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Unformatted text preview: Course Conclusion Design & Graphics Engineering 1 Dr. T. E. Doyle Week Overview • Final Exam Announcement – DuraBon: 2 hours – Material includes topics covered from week 1 through week 12, inclusive – There will be no quesBons regarding operaBons in Inventor or MapleSim. – Two secBons on exam: • MulBple choice (10  ­ 20 quesBons) • Sketching (1 mulBview to isometric, 1 isometrics to mulBview) Closed book and no calculators. NoBce From The Registrar • THIS IS ABOUT YOUR EXAM ROOM • Please be advised that all the December examinaBons that were originally scheduled in IWC2 (Smith Gymnasium) and IWC3 (East Auxiliary Gymnasium) will be moved to DBAC (David Braley AthleBc Centre) Sports Hall. • The change of locaBon supports construcBon acBviBes and recognizes the need to provide students with a quiet environment that is conducive for wriBng examinaBons. • Note  ­ All the examinaBons that are located in IWC 1 (Burridge gym) will remain as scheduled since this locaBon is not in close proximity to the construcBon. • The ExaminaBon Master Timetable and the Student Personal Timetables are scheduled to be updated tonight. Student who are affected by these room changes, will receive a personalized email. 3 Topics for Today • Discuss course material and relevance to all disciplines of engineering • Design Tools 4 Tools • CAD types and applicaBon • Discussion 5 CAD Type: WireFrame • Created using same geometric elements as a 2D drawing: – line, circle, arc, polyline • Only contain edge and vertex informaBon • Fast and relaBvely simple 6 CAD Type: Surface Modelling • Created with splines or line plans to describe geometric shapes. • Good for complex surfaces 7 CAD Type: Solid Modelling • Composed of solid features primiBves: – boxes, cylinders, cone, sphere, etc. • Can more easily derive informaBon about the part and assembly: – surface area, volume, interference, etc. 8 QuesBon? • Could you use solid modelling to design a deck, or floor plan? • Would you use solid modelling to design a deck, or floor plan? • Why? hdp://draw.labs.autodesk.com/ 9 ...
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