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King AbdulAziz University CPCS-331 Faculty of Computing & Information Technology Prolog-Lab Fall Semester – 2011 Lecturer: I. Aasma Memon Prolog –Lab Exercise 1 Name: ________ I.D:___________ Q1. Using the family prolog file created in lab, Answer following Questions. Submit this task in next
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Unformatted text preview: lab. a. parent( jim, X). b. parent( X, jim). c. parent( pam, X), parent( X, pat). d. parent( pam, X), parent( X, Y), parent( Y, jim). Q2.Formulate in Prolog the following questions about the parent relation: (a) Who is Pat's parent? (b) Does Liz have a child? (c) Who is Pat's grandparent...
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