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Computer Assignment #1 Write M ATLAB programs to solve the following problems. You may work together in groups of at most 3 (turn in just one completed assignment for your group). Problem 1 : Using the functions discussed in §6.0 of the “M ATLAB Notes” handout, create the following matrix in one command (without typing it directly). (M ATLAB will print all of the num- bers with 4 digits past the decimal — that’s okay.) Problem 2 : A frequency diagram can be created using the information returned by the function hist() (see “ help hist ” for details) by normalizing the histogram such that the total area is 1. Based on the examples in the “M ATLAB Notes” handout and using the hist help information, plot a frequency diagram using 100,000 normally-distributed random samples and 50 bins. Make sure you label your axes appropriately and put a
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