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Unformatted text preview: 2% Chapter 1, Roles of Probability and Statistics in Engineering ..\ Survey of Progress in House Building.” Building ii’ch in ‘I (saIl Management. VoL 7(4). April 1969, pp. 88 9! ((san. WI .. and Snodgrass. DV.. “Machine Stress Rated Lumber: h.d k’nae to Design,” Journal at Structural Division, ASCF., Vol. I ).‘centher 1970. I. C Kaah. A.. Haeberli, W.. Teysseire, P.. and Paul. F.. “Remote Scstsine Based Assessment of Hazards from Glacier Lake Outbursts: \ ( ‘ase Study in the Swiss Alps.” Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Vol. (9. March 2002. totw JR.. and Bachmann, R.W., “Prediction of Phosphorous and ( htorophyll Levels in Lakes,” Journal a/the WaterPollution Control I reratian, Vol. 48, 1976. )ntsao 0,0.. “Synopsis of First Progress Report of Committee on I retors of Safety,” Journal of Structural Division, ASCE, Vol. 83. July 1957, p. 1316. Kat,ontne, N.M , “Various Volume Definitions with Conflicts at I mae na Ii zed Intersections,” ASCE Journal of Transportation I nginecring. Vol. 126, January/February 2000. k tlsand:iransan, V. and Ewing, B.B., “A Probabilistic Analysis 1 I )issalved Oxygen-Biochemical Oxygen Demand Relationship in Streams,” Journal of Water Resources Control Federation. P:at 2. F’ehruary 1969, pp. 73—90., (.l,.. “Statistical Aspects of Strength of Connection:’ Proc. 1S( 7 Specialty Conf on Saftv and Reliability of Metal Structures. \u’,emher 1972. pp. 83—105. is Put. R.. “Dynamic Response of a Tall Building to Random Wind ads’ Proc., 3rd Jut. Couif on Wind Effects on Buildings and Stoic- too S. loks’o, September 1971. 1 stttclasd, ‘1W., “A Comparison of Flexural Strength-Stiffness Relation tot Clear Wood and Structural Grades of Lumber,” Jnforota Ibis Repoi-t VP-X-30, Forest Products Lab., B.C., Canada, December (96 I am k 1) IL and Lynn, W.R., “Probabilistic Models for Predicting Stream Quality,” Water Re.source.s Research. Vol. 2, No. 3. Septem br’t (966, pp. 593—605. \lac,ut, M.. lshihara, I., and Hibi., K., “I)irectional Characteristics of Piahahshty Distribution of Extreme Wind Speeds by Typhoon Sim lain >n.’ Journal at Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamic. ‘sot. o)((, Elsevier Science. Ltd.. 2002. \1t,n, SB.. and Gautam, P.. “Cost ol Highway Work Zone Injuries.” •( Periodical on Structural Design and Con,s truction, Vol. 7. \1,s\ ‘5fi93• \lIsressI. 0.. Erickson, T.R., and SteLin. HG., “Upper Bounds for Ssic:sm Temperatures in the Contiguous United States,” Journal of / sss’iissnmnental Engineering. Vol. 1 28. January 2002. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. “Probabilistic Risk As sessment Procedures Guide for NASA Managers and Practitioners.’ August 2002....
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plugin-Chapter2%20part1 - 2% Chapter 1, Roles of...

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