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Homework Format Instructions The problems you turn in must conform to the standards of good engineering practice as outlined below and as in the example on the next page. Nonconforming homework will not be graded. 1. Homeworks should be written neatly on one side of 8.5" by 11" loose-leaf paper (paper torn from a ring or spiral binder is unacceptable). Write your name, course number, date, problem number, and page number on the top of each page. Staple pages together in the upper left- hand corner. 2. Each problem should start at the beginning of a page and contain the following sections: problem — rewrite the problem as it appears in the text or handout; identify what is given and what you must fnd mathematical formulation — “translate” the problem into mathematical symbols and rela- tions solution — solve the problem, showing all work; underline any intermediate answers and
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Unformatted text preview: box the Fnal answer; include units wherever possible • answer — translate the answer to “common language,” such as “the probability of failure is 10.25%” • discussion — make an engineering evaluation of the procedures used and the results obtained; describe if and why your answer makes sense 3. Always include appropriate diagrams. 4. When you take an equation from the text or notes, document where it came from ( e.g. , the equation number in the text, or the date discussed in lecture). Additionally, all computer problems should be turned in with the M ATLAB code (with detailed comments; use the sample m-Fle samp.m as a template — samp.m , and it’s resulting output samp_out.txt are distributed separately)), a printout of results, and graphs (when applicable). CE 408/Johnson Homework Format Example CE 408/Johnson...
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plugin-Homework_instructions - box the Fnal answer include...

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