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Christian Yimgnia Philosophy 1001 Professor Schaar Final Project Part 1 As most individuals, I have a certain meaning of living in this world. My first purpose of leaving in this life is to be the son of God, live my life for Him, live my life through Him, and everything I achieve should be for Him. I believe that I am here at the University of Minnesota today because it was God’s will. The lord helps me to make life decisions and when and I should be grateful for every decision I am able to make. I believe through God, there are many reasons why I am alive. One main one is education. For the most part of my life I have been able to receive very descent education, especially when I look at where I come from. Where I come from most individuals of my age are not this fortunate to receive primary and secondary education. They are not able to be thought different languages, travel to other countries to go to school, and also meet people from different places. Now that I believe that I am able to get such prestigious education, I should use it to my fullest advantage and also to help those who are not able to receive the same treatment as I do. God did not put me in school for me to slack. I strongly believe because I had this opportunity, I should use it to impact other people and things in this world in a positive way.
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Even though having degrees and certifications are very important in our world today, this world does not resume all to education. There are other significant aspects in our world. I believe I was brought to also make an impact in my society, in my country. I am
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Yimgnia final project - Christian Yimgnia Philosophy 1001...

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